The Advantages Of A Flat RoofWhile constructing a building, the owner and the contractor may opt for a flat roof or a peaked roof as they are more common in industrial or commercial buildings. However, it can be used in residential buildings as well. Some buildings are built with an entire flat roof, while others incorporate a flat roof in some of its sections depending on the building structure. The decision to use a flat roof in a building, whether commercial or residential, will depend on the structure of the building, viability, and aesthetics.

A flat roof has numerous advantages

Easy access and movement

A flat roof can be easily accessed by the use of ladder or steps and is far safer to walk on a flat roof compared to a peaked roof. The leveled nature of a flat roof minimises the chances of roofers slipping and falling from the rooftop. Special equipment or special skills are not required for movement on a flat roof. As a result maintenance of the roof structures, installation of gutters, HVAC units, solar panels, dishes and discs and other items on the roof becomes easy.

A flat roof requires regular inspection and maintenance just like any other roof. This should be carried out by skilled individuals, which is critical to the integrity of the roofing structure and protection against weather conditions such as high winds, excessive rain and snowfall and extreme temperatures.

Creation of extra space

Another advantage is that once a flat roof is completed, it creates extra space which can be used for the following purposes:

  • To hold HVAC components for storage or for any other purposes
  • To create a green roof or a living roof, to house plants and keep potted plants, flowers or even herbs
  • To hold rain barrels for the collection of roof runoffs. This can be used for eco-friendly purposes
  • For installation of solar panels.

In addition, a deck can be installed on the flat roof to create living space in a residential setting. This space may be used for sunbathing, making light gardens, to get fresh air or for spending time outdoors.

Installation of a flat roof is relatively inexpensive

A flat roof is relatively cheap as compared to a peaked roof; including construction, installation of materials needed to cover the roof and maintenance. Putting together a flat roof structure takes less time than a peaked one and this lowers the overall cost. The long-term cost of a flat roof is lower taking into account its average life. Although more work is required in terms of maintenance, the long-term benefit of a flat roof outweighs the cost. Evaluate your options and make the best roofing decision for your next building project, whether commercial or residential. Consider a flat roof and contact us for a professional consultation on the details of flat roofing and the best quote.


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