(A-One) Assessing Weather Damage After A Storm


We may not get the storms of the Midwest, but any severe weather changes can damage your commercial roofing. Strong winds can remove or loosen materials as well as throw items against the roof causing rips and cracks. Rain can cause pooling which can cause leaks into the building causing structural damage. Inspections and regular maintenance are the best ways to protect your roofing.

Assessing Weather Damage After A Storm

One storm may not cause any damage, but repeated storms or severe weather can eventually take a toll on your roofing. It is important to inspect your roof after any weather changes. Over time, weather can wear down the roofing leaving it vulnerable to damage. Winds can easily displace materials and weaken roofing membranes in the process. With time, materials get weaker and they may not survive the next big gusts. Winds and other weather damage can impact building safety as well as your insurance. Many insurance policies will not cover damage that is caused by an unsafe roof. This means you need to show that you regularly inspect and maintain your roof. Most insurance policies will cover “all risk” of loss damage including wind, fire, hail, and water damage unless it is excluded. Make sure you have a clear understanding of your insurance when it comes to weather damage. One of the biggest reasons damage claims are denied is because of wear and tear. Even if the winds or severe weather make the damage worse, wear and tear is the underlying cause and your claim will not be approved. Be sure to perform regular inspections and repairs on your commercial roofing so as to prevent damage from getting worse.

For the integrity and safety of your building, it is important to inspect your roofing after any weather changes, be it winds, rain, or even snow. This will help protect your roofing and your investment. Reach out to us if you have any questions or need to schedule an inspection and maintenance. We will help you get through any storm and make sure your commercial roofing stands up to any weather challenge.


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