Roofing Scam

It is important to invest in good roofing. First, they protect you from inclement weather and secondly, they add value to your home. Because of this, you don’t want to deal with illegitimate roofers or unskilled persons. The world is full of scammers. Many people will come to you claiming to be roofing experts, but you need to know how to deal with such people and how to avoid them. It is easy to avoid the scammers, once you know the red flags to watch out for.

Those who repair at no cost

This is the first thing you will notice about a fake roofing contractor. Anyone who knocks on your door saying they can fix your roof and states that the insurance provider will cater for the cost, is definitely a scam. There is no way for them to even know about your insurance policy in the first place. A reliable roofer will inspect your home first to see the extent of the damage before repairing. Further, your insurance provider will cater for the cost, but you have to notify them first. You need to appear in person and sign documents for the repair to start. Therefore, take note of storm chasers and don’t let anyone repair your roof until you are certain they are legitimate.

 Those who want to inspect your roof

Take note of roofers who claim they want to check out your roof but are not able to show their licenses. Do not allow anyone to work on your roof without them proving who they work for, especially if they cannot produce their licenses. There are scams that involve inspecting your roof so as to cause damage and create a need for repairs and their services. Additionally, don’t believe anyone who shows you a picture of the damage after an inspection. Many will come with their own pictures so as to convince you to close the deal.

 Those who want to help you with your insurance cover

Scammers will come and convince you to sign insurance benefits because they know the insurance provider and that they can compensate you faster. You should take note of such scams because even though the deal sounds like it will save you money and time, it will not. You may lose your compensation in the end and the person will likely disappear.

People who want you to sign a contract sooner

Stay away from people who want you to sign a contract as soon as you meet with them. They may be forceful because their services are no good or they may use poor quality material on your roof because all they want is to make money off you. Furthermore, don’t sign any document, unless you read and understand it fully first. Once you sign any document without becoming familiar with all terms that are stipulated in the document you will be held responsible. 

Roofers without the proper credentials

Reliable roofing experts always have their business cards with them, proof of insurance, as well as licenses. Therefore, do not hire people who would want to work on your roof but cannot provide any sort of validation. There is no way you can be sure if the expert is authorized or is a legitimate worker, and you don’t know if you will be covered in the event damage takes place. Therefore, if someone claims to be a roofer and they cannot prove it, do not allow them near your house. Last but not least, if a roofer comes with a van that does not have the name of the company or logo, take this as an automatic red flag that they are scammers.

You should always be careful and don’t fall for scams and people looking to take advantage. Never fall for fake promises, because this may be the start of major problems to come. Take as much time as you can to find the right roofing expert to work with.  It is better to do research and select a roofer rather than let them come to you.

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