Even though California weather is mostly temperate and warm, there is always a chance of rain. As a commercial building owner, you want to make sure your roof is always ready for any rain. With the roof being out of sight, it is often forgotten when it comes to building upkeep. And this can be a costly mistake. Leaks can be a sign of roof damage and need to be addressed right away. The smallest trickle and any ponded water can be a potentially serious and expensive problem

Avoid the Costly Mistake of a Leaky Commercial Roof

  • Interior Damage: Should water leak into the building, walls, furniture, and machinery can be damaged. These are expensive repairs. Any water stains on the ceilings and walls are an indicator of leaks that should not be ignored. Beyond, this too much water and moisture can damage the internal structure of the building, which can be a hazard.
  • Health Problems: Leaks can also cause mildew and mold growth which are potentially harmful to your health. Should you see any mold, it is likely time to get the roof repaired or replaced.
  • Risk of Accident: A pool of water on the floor can be a slipping hazard. A leaking roof can lead to puddles on the roof and inside your building. The risk of falls increases which could result in legal action against you should injury result.
  • Loss of Value: The roof of a building is part of the investment. Should you ever plan to sell or lease your building, the condition of the roof matters? Nobody wants to work in or buy a building that has roof leaks or water damage. The costs of future repairs would fall in their lap. Protecting your investment and the value of your building depends on you maintaining your roof.

Final thoughts

Problems can start small but with roofing leaks, they can become large very quickly. In many cases, leaks are not identified until damage has already occurred. You can avoid this with regular roof inspections and maintenance. This ensures that drainage is up to par, membranes are intact, and moisture can be identified early. Ignoring small signs can lead you to expensive repairs or full roof replacement. No commercial roof will last forever, but with proper maintenance, you can extend its lifespan. And with regular inspections, you can identify potential problems like leaks before too much damage is caused. For any commercial roofing needs or to schedule an inspection, reach out to us today.


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