A small leak in your commercial roofing can have bigger consequences than you may expect. If ignored, smaller leaks can turn into big problems and expensive damage. Repairing a leak when it is first discovered will be cheaper and better for the longevity of your roof. When small leaks are allowed to grow, they can damage internal structures and reduce the overall lifespan of the roof causing you unnecessarily high expenses.

Avoid the High Costs of Commercial Roof Leaks

Poor installation, severe weather, and unauthorized roof access are all potential causes of roof damage. Sometimes unforeseen circumstances such as severe weather storms can cause serious leaks on their own, but for the most part, leaks start small and can be repaired if caught early on. Without proper roof maintenance and inspections, you can miss these small leaks, giving them time to grow into expensive problems. Commercial roofing is also designed to hold HVAC units and other pieces of equipment that can add additional strain to materials. The additional weight of the units increases the risk for damage, as do the technicians that access these units. They can cause tears and leaks as they work with the units. Any small leak around these units can cause damage, especially if the water is allowed to pool from the equipment.

Small leaks can start anywhere and spread across the whole roofing surface as well as reach inside the building. Once inside, the insulation can be damaged as well as equipment, electrical fixtures, interior air quality, electrical outlets, and ceiling tiles. The exposure to water can cause damage as well as mold which is a potential health hazard. Your roof is an important, protective barrier as well as an investment. Unlike the walls of the building that get some weather exposure, the roof is exposed at al times. This continual exposure to the elements increases the risk of damage to any commercial roofing, so it is important to regularly inspect the roofing. In addition to regular inspections, roofing needs to be checked after any weather changes.


If you want to schedule a consultation to reach out to us today. We will be happy to perform a full inspection to make sure there are no leaks or tears. We guarantee to repair any damage found and we assure you that any costs will be lower than full roof replacement (which can happen if leaks grow too large). To protect your roof, your building, and your investment, make sure you get leaks repaired right away. Call us for any advice or support you need in protecting your roofing today.


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