A-One Construction Benefits of Roof Decks

Roof decks have become popular additions for flat roofing. Many like the idea of a deck but have limited spacing. Having a rooftop deck installed serves as an ideal solution but there are things to consider before getting one installed.

Benefits and Things to Consider with Roof Decks

Things to Consider

  • Deck Material: Rooftop decks are typically made from wood but this is generally more expensive than other options. These decks also have to have waterproof membranes and this serves as additional protection for your roof from rain and moisture. Tiles are another possible option but these can be heavy. Tiles are much easier to clean than wood and are made from granite or porcelain typically. You can also use sandstone which is the preferred material for those looking for easy maintenance.
  • Before You Build: You need to check with local building departments to see if any permits are needed to install a rooftop deck. You also need to confirm that your roof is strong enough to support the weight of a deck. On average your roof needs to be able to support 55 pounds for each square foot of roof.
  • Weather: Think about the weather in your local area to make sure your deck will not be exposed to anything harsh that can prematurely damage the materials. Ponding water can be a problem with flat roofing and decks, so if you live where there is rain, be sure to install precautions that prevent pooling and leaks. Your roof needs to be able to support additional water weight so as not to become compromised under heavy rain. You also need to make accommodations to protect the roof deck from the sun and any thermal contractions and expansions.

The Benefits of a Rooftop Deck

  • Outstanding views
  • Decks provide fire-resistance and high-quality thermal performance
  • Creates a slope for drainage
  • Adds additional living space
  • Ideal for entertaining
  • Provides a great space for growing vegetables and gardening


Having a rooftop deck is a wonderful addition to any building and a worthwhile investment. There are a number of things to consider, so make sure you do research before looking to get a rooftop deck installed. Only hire a flat roofing specialist to help with installation and repairs. We have the expertise to tackle rooftop decks and are fully licensed and certified. We use the best materials and guarantee to help you get the rooftop deck of your dreams.


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