A-One Construction Biggest Mistakes Homeowners Can Make

Your home is one of your largest assets, but so many homeowners are not cautious when selecting a roofing contractor to protect this important investment. Homeowners often wait until there is a significant roofing issue before considering roof system replacement. Painting and remodeling the inside of a home will do no good when the roof system has reached the end of its lifespan.

Biggest Mistakes Homeowners Can Make

This mismanagement of a home’s upkeep ends up being a costly mistake for many homeowners. For this reason, you should always work with an experienced roofer to regularly inspect and maintain your roof. When selecting a roofing contractor, you should look for a quality roofing contractor instead of choosing the one who is cheapest or one that can start the job first. There typically is a reason certain contractors are available immediately, such as the fact that no one else is buying from them.

Consider the research you do when purchasing a new car. You will likely not choose the cheapest model from a no-name auto manufacturer. The purchase is not impulsive and the dealership’s reputation is not poor when you finally make a decision. Because the roof protects your home it should be given the same consideration and priority as other major purchases. Consider these questions before hiring a contractor: How long has the roofing contractor been in business? Is his or her warranty longer than the number of years in business? Is the company licensed and insured? Have you checked with the Better Business Bureau? Knowing what you are purchasing and from whom is vital to the long-term enjoyment of your investment. Your roof system investment is far more effective when you remain proactive about its care. You should understand the importance of your roof and invest in maintaining it. Your roof requires service, just as an automobile requires regular tune-ups. Check your roof often to identify problems before they become worse and more expensive.

Have you removed the debris from your roof lately? Are the gutters and downspouts clear and allowing proper drainage for your roof system? Are the flashings around penetrations performing, or do they need attention? A roof system replacement should be done once, maybe twice, during the lifetime of a roof. If you do your homework and give your roof a little extra attention, you will get the greatest value and protection both for your building and your investment.

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