The Pros and Cons Of Solar Roof Tiles

  The popularity of solar power continues to increase. This has led to a desire for more options when it comes to solar energy. Solar shingles, or tiles, are quickly becoming the most popular option. These are panels designed to look like conventional roofing materials or tiles. The solar industry has a lot to offer [...]

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Lasting Solutions for Metal Roof Leaks

A concern with all roofing is leaks, and this includes metal roofing too. Even with proper installation, there is still a risk for leaking. Metal is prone to expansion during temperature swings. There are also flashings and other fixtures that move in different directions and mechanical seams can get out of alignment, causing seams to [...]

How To Pick The Right Color Roof Shingles?

Are you looking to replace your roofing or building a new property? In both cases, you will be thinking about the roof and which materials and colors to choose. The choice will impact the value and appearance of your home, so it requires careful consideration. How To Pick The Right Color Roof Shingles? You want [...]

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What Do You Need to Know About A Skylight For Your Commercial Building?

Commercial buildings are typically designed to house businesses so practicality is the most important feature. This means that many can seem dark and dingy on the inside. Lighting is not natural so even with a lot, commercial buildings often lack natural brightness. This has led to a rise in popularity for commercial skylights. Whether your [...]

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How To Remove and Prevent Roof Stains?

The constant exposure to the elements puts every roof at risk to stains. Pooled water and moisture leads to stains on commercial roofing. The most common signs of stains are lichens, moss, and algae. These microorganisms can grow in moist conditions such as when rain gets trapped in roof cracks. Any collected debris only further [...]

2021-05-07T18:25:35+00:00May 7th, 2021|Roof Inspection, Roofing Tips|

Avoid the Costly Mistake of a Leaky Commercial Roof

  Even though California weather is mostly temperate and warm, there is always a chance of rain. As a commercial building owner, you want to make sure your roof is always ready for any rain. With the roof being out of sight, it is often forgotten when it comes to building upkeep. And this can [...]

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How to Make Roof Coatings Work?

The roof of any commercial building is an investment as it protects the building and what is inside. This means roof maintenance is essential to protect this investment. Roof maintenance involves regular cleaning and upkeep as well as having a strategy for roof replacement. How to Make Roof Coatings Work Even with the best care, [...]

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Are There Parts Of A Flat Roof That Can Be Recycled?

The roofing industry is changing to keep up with common green trends and more and more materials are becoming recyclable. When possible, we try to look into recycling components of a roof system. Not only does it help us reduce the amount of debris going into a landfill, but, in some rare cases, it can [...]

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How to Clean Your Gutters and What Happens if You Don’t?

  Not many people pay enough attention to their gutters because many people do not consider them to be part of the roofing system. But this is a mistake because the gutters are essential to your roof’s performance and the protection of your building. Debris can easily collect in the gutters, especially with sloped roofing. [...]

2021-03-26T15:16:53+00:00April 9th, 2021|Commercial, Roof Repair, Roofing Tips|
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