The Challenges Of Painting a Multi-Family Building

  Managing and maintaining a multi-family building can be hard work. Not only do you need to keep your tenants happy, but you need to keep the building safe. This means regular maintenance and upkeep. A building that looks run-down will not get many tenants. One of the most efficient and economical ways to do [...]

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What’s The Difference Between Commercial and Residential Roofing?

  Whether you need a new roof for your home or your business, it is important to understand the differences between commercial and residential roofing. Commercial and residential roofs are different in terms of design, materials, maintenance, and installation costs. What’s The Difference Between Commercial and Residential Roofing? Design The first major distinction between residential [...]

How to Maintain Your Building When It Is Unoccupied?

There have been many changes to the economy in 2020 and these changes have impacted commercial real estate. Many businesses have had to close which leaves the building unoccupied. And there is no way to know for sure how long they will be empty. Building owners and operators need to view their unoccupied properties as [...]

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The Pros and Cons of DIY Solar Panels

  Solar panels are a trend in 2020 and many homeowners are looking to get this new green power. Some of the more adventurous owners are wondering if DIY solar is a better and more affordable option. There is a lot involved in solar panel installation so DIY may not be a fit for everyone. [...]

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