Avoid the Costly Mistake of a Leaky Commercial Roof

  Even though California weather is mostly temperate and warm, there is always a chance of rain. As a commercial building owner, you want to make sure your roof is always ready for any rain. With the roof being out of sight, it is often forgotten when it comes to building upkeep. And this can [...]

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Impact of the Coronavirus on the Roofing Industry

COVID-19 is a global threat. It is affecting health, living, and the economy. It is also affecting the roofing industry, so contractors need to be ready. As with the medical field, prevention is the key. As the virus spreads, employers need to take preventative measures. The number of cases is rising which means you need [...]

Are You A Roofing Contractor? This Is How You Should Bid A Job

Greater than 90 percent of roofing contractors underbid for the work, according to "Roofing Contractor" publication. The issue, it says, is that many service providers cost a task per roof square-- market terminology for a 100-square-foot block-- without considering the inconsistencies of the task. Hips, valleys, roof height, and other information increase the time essential [...]

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Tips to Choose the Best Company for Roof Repairs

If you are looking for a good roofing contractor, it is a good idea to take your time so that you can find the right one. This is important because roof repairs and upgrades can be expensive.  Look for A Local Roofing Contractor It is highly recommended to hire a local roofing contractor as such [...]

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How the Weather Will Affect Roofing in 2019

Weather can be unpredictable but for the most part, we can get pretty close. The recent weather changes as a result of global climate change are looking to make predicting weather in 2019 even more challenging. Roofing is a necessary part of weather protection, so this unpredictability will impact the roofing industry. As erratic weather [...]

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Immigration Laws and the Roofing Industry in 2019

On the surface it may not seem that immigration laws and roofing would have a link, but when over half of the roofing workforce is of Hispanic origin, the link becomes clear. Currently, there is uncertainty regarding immigration policies which will impact labor and the roofing industry. The labor shortage for roofing companies is being [...]

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