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How the Weather Will Affect Roofing in 2019

how the weather affect roofing

Weather can be unpredictable but for the most part, we can get pretty close. The recent weather changes as a result of global climate change are looking to make predicting weather in 2019 even more challenging. Roofing is a necessary part of weather protection, so this unpredictability will impact the roofing industry. As erratic weather patterns continue to happen, certain trade professions like roofing will be negatively impacted.

How the Weather Will Affect Roofing in 2019?

The roofing of any building is influenced by weather in several ways. Roofing systems must be able to withstand any weather and knowing the general weather of an area, means reliable roofing systems must be installed. When you do not know what weather to expect, it becomes difficult to know how to prepare. With areas experiencing different weather from normal materials and roofing systems need to be changed to meet new needs. Roofing is the best defense against the elements so it needs to be up to the challenge of any weather. Climate changes are causing strange weather patterns which are forcing the roofing industry to create more resilient roofing systems than ever. Typically roofers have the advantage of knowing the local area and the weather, so can accurately provide the best materials and systems. When there is no way to know what weather is coming, there is no way to know what roofing should be installed. Developing and manufacturing new and innovative roofing materials and systems, will ensure a positive outcome for the future.


Unpredictable weather can be a challenge to determine what roofing systems will be needed. Frequently changing weather patterns make it difficult to know what an area will face and in many cases, roofing systems will be unprepared. As the weather continues to be difficult-to-predict, customers will seek materials that are durable and able to withstand weather extremes. No matter of any current or future challenges, we are excited to be able to offer the best and newest technologies in roofing that will ensure your roof stands up to anything headed its way.


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Immigration Laws and the Roofing Industry in 2019

(A-One) Immigration Laws and the Roofing Industry in 2019

On the surface it may not seem that immigration laws and roofing would have a link, but when over half of the roofing workforce is of Hispanic origin, the link becomes clear. Currently, there is uncertainty regarding immigration policies which will impact labor and the roofing industry. The labor shortage for roofing companies is being experienced countrywide but there could be good news in the future.

Immigration Laws and the Roofing Industry in 2019

Recent attempts to change immigration laws could give the roofing industry much needed change. It is estimated that 20 percent of the recent loss in roofing business is a direct result of labor shortages. With current attempts to slow illegal immigration being successful, there continues to be a shortage of labor for trade industries. Sensible immigration reform would provide the best solution to these labor problems. If the labor shortage was to be corrected, the roofing industry would be able to recover from the recent losses in business. The roofing industry along with many trade professions has been hit so hard by current immigration laws so something needs to change. The government continues to argue between the need for additional workers and the demand for secure borders so there is uncertainty as to when reform will happen.


A-One Construction is hopeful for a positive immigration reform that will resolve the labor shortage challenges currently facing our industry. Recent developments to make roofing installation easier have been started and the industry is making efforts to increase the prestige of working in these trade professions in an attempt to help in the meantime. Despite these additional efforts being made to improve things, only immigration reforms will bring a real and lasting solution.


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How To Become A Roofer?

(A-One) How To Become A Roofer


Becoming a roofer may seem daunting, especially if you have never worked in the industry before, but it really is a great career to have. If you enjoy working outdoors and learning new challenges, then roofing could be the perfect fit for you. You will get the opportunity to work within residential, commercial and industrial settings keeping you busy with something new every day.

What does a roofer do?

Roofers install new roofing systems as well as repair any old and damaged ones. You will work with a variety of materials including metal, rubber, wood, slate, and clay and you will have to work under varied weather conditions too. This means your day will likely never be the same and new challenges will face you with every job. This shift in routine means that attention to detail is a must for the job so that you ensure quality work is performed under any condition.

Roof installation first requires a thick plywood decking and then a layer of felt. On top of this is the roofing material which will vary for each job. No matter what material or design style you are working with you need to maintain focus at all times as precision and quality are of the utmost importance in roofing. Poorly constructed roofing can result in damages, accidents and hazardous conditions.

How to become a roofer?

Most roofers get into the field through on-the-job training. Most roofing companies offer apprenticeship programs where you can take classes as well as work on-site earning money. The classes help you learn industry codes, safety and earn certifications while on-site training gets you experience with various roofing situations. The more materials, tools, and experiences you become familiar with, the more skills you have to bring to the company hiring you.

Roofing places heavy physical demands on you, so being in good shape is a must. Having good balance is also helpful since you will be in elevated positions for most of your day. Despite the potential dangers, you must maintain focus at every stage so the job is done accurately. You also need to work well independently and within a team, because each job will have tasks requiring the need for both.

The future of roofing work

The employment rate for roofing contractors is expected to increase by 13 percent over the next ten years as reported by the U.S Department of Labor. As markets continue to grow, so will cities which mean more new buildings needing roofing. Because roofing is exposed to worst conditions than other parts of a building, they tend to wear much faster. This means there will never be a shortage of repair and maintenance work. With new installations, replacements and upgrades, as well as repairs, becoming a roofer, will be a demanding but rewarding career.

The job requires strict adherence to safety and codes, as well as focus and attention to detail. For this reason, individuals with previous military experience are encouraged to join the roofing field. Despite the growth in the industry, the best time to look for roofing work or apprenticeships is during the spring and summer months, when jobs are more in demand. Roofing will provide challenges, a steady workflow, and financial as well as personal rewards. Reach out to us today and we will get you all the information you need to start your roofing career tomorrow.