How To Fix Lifted Roof Shingles

Roofing is one of the most important aspects of any home. It plays a huge part in protecting the structure and its inhabitants from the elements. With a well-built roof, you can rest easy knowing that you are safe from storms, strong winds, snow, and intense heat from the sun. Because of this, you want [...]

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How Long Does It Take For Wood To Rot?

  Even though your home or commercial building has been well constructed and designed for the long haul, the outdoor elements and nature itself have a huge role in how long these structures last. Because there are so many different factors involved in how the wood in a structure performs, you can expect to see [...]

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How Long Pressure Treated Wood Lasts?

  Though there are many different types of wood available on the market today, some of the most useful and beneficial are called pressure-treated wood. This is because pressure-treated wood has already undergone a number of different special preservation processes. And, once this wood has been pretreated, it is more durable in a variety of [...]

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Should You Buy Or Rent Your Commercial Equipment?

When preparing to start a new project that you have not done before and requires new equipment, you’re faced with many questions. One of those questions is if you should buy or rent your commercial equipment. From residential to commercial construction, equipment is necessary to ensure the delivery of your new building project. There are [...]

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TPO vs. Modified Bitumen: What to Choose?

The two most commonly used roofing systems in commercial properties are TPO and modified bitumen. Modified bitumen roofing has been around since the 1970s and TPO developed later in the 1990s. Both offer a durable waterproofing membrane that protects against weather and other elements, but there are differences between the two materials. Each system has [...]

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What to Do When Your A/C Unit Is Leaking Water?

  Water leaking from the ceiling or pooled on the floor is not something any building owner wants to see. It can be a danger and it can be a sign of expensive damages. A/C units are the most common cause of leaks and here’s how you can identify the source and what you can [...]

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Why Metal Roofing Is The Best For Heat?

  California is no stranger to hot summers, no matter where you live. Depending on your location, temperatures can reach 100 degrees Fahrenheit and can stay in the 90s for days on end. With these high temperatures, it can be a challenge to keep your building cool. Having a metal roof could be the solution [...]

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How To Pick The Right Color Roof Shingles?

Are you looking to replace your roofing or building a new property? In both cases, you will be thinking about the roof and which materials and colors to choose. The choice will impact the value and appearance of your home, so it requires careful consideration. How To Pick The Right Color Roof Shingles? You want [...]

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How To Cool Your Flat Roof?

  Flat roofing is one of the most popular and efficient roofing options available, but they have one major drawback. Flat roofing is more prone to trapping heat than other roofing systems and this causes your building to be warmer and your energy costs higher. Manufacturers, however, have developed a number of solutions you can [...]

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Getting Started on Solar Projects

Solar energy is quickly becoming the power of choice as the world looks to become a greener place. Solar energy is affordable and can save you money as energy costs for your home or commercial building will be reduced. It is also sustainable and better for the environment. As solar power becomes more popular, the [...]

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