Best Material to Use for Drainage Systems

One of the worst things for the health of your roof is water. Specifically, the ponding of water. Ponding is common on the flat roofing of commercial buildings. The top reason for ponding is poor drainage, as a result of incorrect installation of the roofing. Roof contractors need to account for the need to drain [...]

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The Potential Health Risks from Water Damage

For most areas, a wet season can be unusual but for others, it can be pretty bad. Water entering your building is never a pleasant experience. If water or any accumulated dampness is not fixed quickly, it can cause potential health risks. Here are some precautions and remedies to consider if leakages and intruding water [...]

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Let Us Help You to Waterproof Your Roof

The best way to protect your roof and building structure from water damage is with waterproofing systems. Waterproofing is a great way to keep the elements out and will also save on energy. A properly sealed building enhances the longevity of the building inside and out and saves on utilities because air will not have [...]

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Tips for Property Managers: How to Decorate Your Building for the Holidays

There are so many reasons to celebrate in December, as Hanukkah begins the night of December 2nd, followed by Christmas on the 25th, Kwanzaa on the 26th, and of course, the New Year on the 31st. So how to share the holiday spirit with your tenants? You may not be big on decorations, but if [...]

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