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Checking Your Roof Drainage Before it Becomes an Issue

(A-One) Checking Your Roof Drainage Before it Becomes an IssueEven if you live where it doesn’t rain much, any rainfall can cause serious damage to your commercial roofing. Water weakens the roof and can cause pooling and leaks that lead to expensive damage and repairs. If any water reaches below the roofing surface, you could be looking at structural damage too. The best way to prevent this is with regular inspections and maintenance.

Checking Your Roof Drainage Before it Becomes an Issue

Water is one of the most destructive elements for roofing and any water into the roofing will be trouble. By inspecting the exterior of your commercial roof often you can identify if there is any damage or if there are any signs of water pooling. Regular exposure to heat and wear and tear weaken the roofing with time, and any water will only further damage it.

The main things to look for in your roofing should be bubbles in the roof or roofing membrane, damaged flashing, or cracks in the skylights. You also need to look for faulty gutters. These need to be cleaned and cleared of all debris. Anything that constructs water flow away from the roofing will allow for water to accumulate on the roof. Inspect the roofing exterior regularly as well as after any rain fall.

You also need to inspect the interior of the building too. Any damage found inside the building indicates that water damage has spread through the membrane and the structural integrity of the building is at risk . You need to check for:

  • Discoloration on walls and tiles
  • Deformations of wall surfaces
  • Leaking near skylight or window frames
  • Mold or mildew on interior surfaces
  • Rust along the underside of the roof surface

Regular inspection of both the interior and exterior of your commercial property will allow you to identify water damage before it gets too bad. Water damage can be repaired and prevented with inspections and when you work with a qualified and trusted commercial roofing contractor. Call us to day to discuss your inspection options and protect your roofing from the rain.

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