commercial roofingAs the owner or property manager of a commercial building with a problematic roof, you are in charge of taking appropriate action. That is, you have the responsibility of finding a commercial roof contractor that can take care of your roofing system.

The thing about having to address a failing roof is deciding whether you need a totally new installation or you can simply have it restored. If you are on a budget and the roofing system is pretty workable, your best bet is to hire professionals for a commercial roof restoration.

Not sure that this kind of service is offers? You are in luck because you can learn what commercial roof restoration covers and its advantages here.

What Does Commercial Roof Restoration Cover?

Commercial roof restoration is the process of extending the roofing system’s lifespan by applying a new coating on the surface to refresh the surface of the material. This is typically applied to sloped systems.

What many people always get wrong about roof restoration for buildings is that it is essentially the same as repairs. After all, both procedures are working with an existing roof system to extend its life.

However, roof repairs are more targeted, which means that your contractor will only address problems in areas where issues are present. On the other hand, restoration offers a more encompassing service by improving the entire existing roof.

Nevertheless, restoration is still less complicated than a full tear-down and installation of a new roof, which is why it is a preferred service by building owners and property managers.

Advantages of Commercial Roof Restoration

So, why exactly do people go for a commercial roof restoration instead of repairs or full replacements? There are various good reasons for this decision. Check out some of the best answers here.

Brings Your Roofing System Back to Life

The primary purpose of commercial roof restoration is to give your roofing system a new lease on life. If your building is pretty old, with around 12 to 20 years under its belt, it is bound to show some signs of aging. You might find failing insulation and other similar issues that can affect the building’s effectiveness and performance.

Restoration can help you extend its life by up to a decade. Imagine the efficiency of that! What you need to remember is that only a reputable contractor can provide such benefits. They are equipped with the right skills, knowledge, and experience to do the job right and with minimal possibilities of failure.

What’s best is that a restored roof and receive another coat down the line, so you can further extend its life.

Offers Additional Protection

When your building was built, it was intended to be watertight, insulating, weatherproof, and leak-free. While it did the job for years upon years, exposure to impact, elements, and your typical wear and tear can result in its functions failing over time.

As mentioned, restoration can bring back not only your roof’s life but also its functions. This can stop any leaks you might have been experiencing, which could have escalated into bigger issues such as rotting, damaged electrical systems, and other similar problems.

Aside from this, you do not have to worry about such dilemmas for some years to come. Again, just make sure to hire roofers who are experienced in commercial buildings and are prepared to do restorations.

More Cost- and Energy-Efficient

If you have leaks or any other issue in certain parts of the roof, then why not get repairs instead? The answer is that this does not guarantee that you would eliminate all the problems. With restoration, you are covering the entire system, thus, stopping all issues in their tracks.

Now, if you have been experiencing problems with your roof, why should you consider restoration instead of a full replacement? The most important answer to this is that restoration is more cost- and energy-efficient. Just think about the money you would spend if you decide to tear down your roofing system right now.

Restoration is considerably cheaper because contractors would not need to bust out the heavy machinery needed to destroy the existing roof. Plus, they would not need to build a new one, which is definitely costlier.

Quicker Turnaround Time

Another important thing you should consider is the turnaround time. Remember, the more disruptions in the building, the bigger your losses will be. Full teardown and replacement will take too much time before it is done.

A restoration, on the other hand, has minimal turnaround time because it only involves the application of a layer or several layers of coating. In fact, the coating used for this process is liquid, which makes the process go much more easily and seamlessly.

Again, see to it that you use the services of a professional commercial roof contractor with experience in restoration to ensure that you not only get a quick service but also a flawless one.

Produces Less Waste

Lastly, one of the most overlooked benefits of restoration is its eco-friendly feature. It produces less waste compared to a full tear-off. You do not have to deal with concrete debris, which your contractor must dispose of in a landfill.

Instead, you are working with what you have and making the most of your existing structure. This is not only more convenient for you and the operations within your building, but also reduces your contributions to the waste that the environment has already been struggling with.

You know that your contractor is a trustworthy one if they consider full replacement as a last resort after exhausting all other options such as repairs and restorations. Go with a service provider that is meticulous, professional, and experienced, but also honest and reputable.

The Bottom Line

Commercial roof restoration is a good choice if your aging building has been experiencing roofing problems, which can escalate to bigger ones.

With the distinct service, this offers, as well as the benefits it provides, you can bring your building back to good health where it concerns its roof.


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