Commercial Roofing (A-one)
At the mention of commercial roofing, what comes to your mind is all types of roof services, including repairs, maintenance as well as re-roofing. The role that commercial roofing plays in the growth and development of society is far too influential to be ignored. Ideally, business roofing is recommended as opposed to doing it yourself due to the availability of adequate material of construction, the presence of necessary skills and knowledge from professionals and the certainty of insurance in case an accident during the process. Below is an example of a highly commendable roofing organization with a quick but, detailed review of the scope of its operations and services.

The type of commercial roofing services offered by A-One Construction


When there is no need to bring down the whole building but only the roof, A-One Construction is the firm that should be at the top of your list. We have a massive amount of experience that we have accumulated during all of the years we have been in business.


It is worth noting that various roofs have very different requirements and needs. Not to worry because A-One Construction offers a vast range of the kinds of shelters ranging from single ply such as Bitumen and PVC (polyvinyl chloride) as well as the EPDM just to mention a few.


One of the benefits of having to repair your roof is that the value of the property is will be increased. Heightening the value of the house has positive impacts such as allowing you to sell the house fast for quick and reliable cash.


A-One Construction is capable of covering all types of roofing requirements. Ranging from flat-slope roofs, shake roofs and down the list of low-slopes.  There is no limit to the capabilities of our firm. Additionally, both modern, traditional as well as customized roofing services are all part of our daily routine.

Types of Commercial Roofs and Additional Services


These types of roofing systems are the best lightweight cover measures as they are resistant to threats like punctures, harsh weather and corrosive chemicals. The likes of PVO fall in this category.

Ethylene Propylene Diene Terpolymer (EPDM)

This type of roofing is designed using rubber and the sole objective is to resist the impacts of the ozone layer as well as rough weather conditions.

Sustainable roofing solutions

Here, the roofs are made to prevent any additional effects on the well-being of the environment and achieve this by not reflecting back UV rays back to the atmosphere.

Metal roofing

They are cardinally made for durability and stability when it comes to resisting the risk that comes with arson or accidental fires.

Modified Bitumen

This is the perfect type of roofing as it is a blend of both traditional and modern preferences of roofing and is resistant to tears and punctures.

Coated Roofs

They are designed to help an existing roof avoid further damages from the sun as well as potential wear and tear that may result from severe weather.


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