There are several paths you can take when it comes to commercial roof repair solutions. Sometimes your best option is to go with a skilled contractor or roofing manufacturer and at other times you need to consider the specialized services of a qualified roofing consultant. Commercial roofing is a big investment and you want to get the best value for your money. With any luck, repairs are something you only need to take on every few years, with major repairs only happening once a decade or more. Even knowing these repairs will be on the table, not many commercial building owners have a roofing contractor on speed dial. When you only need their services every five to ten years, you may have to go through the process of collecting quotes and vetting suppliers every time.

Consultant, Roofing Manufacturer or contractor? – Which to Use for Commercial Roof Repairs?

When you search online, you will find more information than you know what to do with and some conflicting information too, when it comes to the best commercial roof repair offerings. Every town and city will have several contractors all advertising essentially the same service. Maybe it is better to hire a consultant who can really nail down the cause of the damage? Roofing manufacturers often offer complimentary consultations, but are they worth it? We understand that it can be overwhelming to know which path to take, so we want to walk you through when you should go with a skilled contractor or roofing manufacturer and when you need to consider the services of a qualified roofing consultant.

What’s the Problem?

Knowing who to call starts with what issue you’re trying to solve. Do you need:

  • A reactive solution after your roof has been damaged?
  • Proactive maintenance to keep your roof in good condition?
  • Help diagnosing the source of a problem?
  • Warranty support due to a prematurely failing roof?
  • A partner who will handle the entire project from beginning to end?

A solution for the entire building that will update your aging facility to comply with modern codes energy standards? Depending on what you need, you’ll need different service providers. For simple repairs, be them natural wear and tear or as a result of extreme weather, a roofing contractor can take care of this with patches, installation of new flashings, or recoating problem areas to help extend the life of your roof system. Contractors are also a great choice if you’re looking for a full replacement. When you are looking to improve energy efficiency, building a new roof system on top of your existing one is the best solution. Ask potential contractors about licensing to identify those who are on top of modern roof repair solutions.

How Much Time Do You Have?

Time does not refer to how urgently you need repairs done, but instead, how much time do you have available to manage a commercial roof repair project? Problems like water damage inside your building, an aging roof, or tenants demanding better energy efficiency put building owners under a lot of pressure. Then you add to the list “finding a roofer”, “finding a roofing material to meet your needs”, “checking for mold” and “cut my energy bills” and you may end up with more than you can handle. If you find yourself overwhelmed, then someone like a roofing consultant could be the better solution. Trained engineers and specialists can identify causes of roofing failure, diagnose the source and severity of any water damage, and handle both managing quotes and contractors to remediate and repair the issues. When you need more than just support, a consultant can offer whole-building solutions that take care of all your needs. Hiring someone to take tasks off your to-do list also means spending more money. This makes a consultant a more expensive solution. But if you’ve got a complex problem to solve and you need time as a manager to handle other projects and responsibilities, then a consultant can help you find the balance.

Do You Know What You Need?

If you have a pretty good handle on what solution you need, such as complete replacement for an aging roof, then working with roofing repair manufacturers may be the most efficient solution available. Replacement or a new coating to avoid the cost of full replacement can both be handled by manufacturers. They will help design a solution and find a contractor that works for you. Many will even bring in contractors or consultants to diagnose more complex problems like premature failure so you can avoid the same problems in the future. Working with a roofing manufacturer that specializes in commercial projects also means that you have a direct line to the warranty provider. This is especially beneficial if you’re going for a large-scale upgrade.

Final thoughts

You will want the work to be done right and know that the warranty will be honored should issues arise in the future. By sourcing your solution and contractors directly from the manufacturer, your project comes with extra peace of mind included. Reach out to us for any help as soon as you are ready to get started with your next commercial roofing project. We offer a complimentary roof assessment, to better understand your needs so we can find the solutions that will work for you.


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