Contractor Hiring Tips for HOA Boards

It is important for HOA Board members to take their time when hiring a contractor for roofing projects. Any potential contractor needs to be researched to ensure that the association is not put at risk. The roof is an important aspect to any building and poor quality roofing can cost you in damages and lawsuits. Roofing work done must be performed by reliable and experienced contractors to protect the Board’s interests and the HOA properties. To hire a roofing contractor you can trust the following tips that can guide you through your selection process.

Contractor Hiring Tips for HOA Boards

  • Consider multiple contractors: Sending out RFPs (Request for Proposal) to multiple contractors is recommended so you can compare pricing and qualifications. Do not automatically accept the lowest bid. All proposals need to be reviewed and compared, taking time to interview the contractors as well.
  • Take your time: When researching contractors, do not hire the one offering the best price or biggest promises. Ask for recommendations and confirm they have the experience so that you get a high-quality contractor. You want to hire slowly, but when it comes to firing, you will move faster. You want to remove an unqualified person performing poor quality work before any real damage is done.
  • Pay attention to references and reviews: Checking references of the contractors under consideration is advised. You want to verify their reputation and quality of previous jobs. Reviews and comments on the contractor’s site as well as those left on blogs and online boards are also important (although, we recommend to read Yelp reviews with a grain of salt). By checking online and within the community you can collect the information you need regarding the performance of contractors before you make your decision.
  • Licensing: Contractor licensing will vary by state, so it is important to ensure that the contractor has current licensing and is in compliance with California state laws. A licensed contractor minimizes the risk of being taken advantage of and ensures a quality roofing job. It is also important to verify the location and phone number of the contractor to confirm that the business is legitimate before you hire.
  • Verify insurance: California law requires that contractors carry worker’s compensation insurance. There is also industry required insurance mandates that ensure all contractors are fully licensed to perform the jobs they are hired for. Always get the proof of the license when you request a proposal and do not forget to ask about commercial liability insurance.
  • Get everything in writing: Having a contract is important to this process so put all the details in writing to avoid any miscommunication. This needs to be put in place before any work is carried out. The work done, material required, costs and timelines need to be established before doing any work. Anything that is not clear needs to be clarified before signing and it is best to have a legal counsel review the contract beforehand too.

Final Thoughts

Not every project will need to go through the same process. For minor repairs, a contractor you have used before that has proven quality work can be used. Having a reputable contractor around is invaluable because they can become familiar with the property and will take extra care to ensure an on-going relationship. Regardless of the size of your roofing project, you want a trusted and experienced roofer doing the work. By planning ahead and doing research first, you know exactly what you are looking for. Communication is essential to the success of roofing projects to ensure that the HOA property manager and owners are all involved in the process.

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