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Cool Roofing Systems for School Buildings

A-One (Cool Roofing Systems for School Buildings)

School buildings and other commercial properties can be unoccupied for certain months throughout the year. If they happen to be empty over the summer, they are likely to be affected by the constant heat and UV exposure. Not only will the inside be unbearable once the building is in use again, but that amount of heat can cause damage to the roofing structure, causing extensive damage and costly repairs or replacement.

Cool Roofing Systems for School Buildings

Having the right commercial roofing system is the best way to prevent any of these problems. Cool roofing systems actively help to reduce costs for energy in any building and protect it from damaging sunlight exposure. These systems are typically made of lightweight materials that are a hybrid of single-ply and built-up systems. The best cool roof systems are applied in two layers.

  • A gray UV-blocking acrylic surface which protects against UV radiation damage
  • An ultra-white and super-reflective acrylic layer which offers heat and light reflection

Exposure to too much sun during summer months can significantly damage the surface of any roof and once degraded you will end up with higher repair and maintenance costs. With a quality cool roofing system, this can be avoided. Having a cool roof can drop peak roof temperatures to a significantly lower 120 degrees by reflecting the sunlight away. Energy use for the building will also be reduced by up to 30 percent and on average you can save close to 50 cents per square foot every year. 


Final Thoughts

We have what you need to get a cool roofing system in place for your school or commercial property so reach out to us today to discuss your options and we will make sure your building stays cool in the summer and that your energy saving is high.


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