Critical Issues on your Commercial Roof


Commercial roofing repairs can be very costly and can take up the largest percent of your total budget. Whether it is poor workmanship, accumulation of snow on your rooftop, or general wear and tear, your roof may have some serious problems. Here are some of the dangers that may arise as a result of expensive repairs that you should be aware of.

Stagnant water

Pooling or accumulated water can remain on your roof for more than two days. Most commercial buildings feature a flat roof, which can allow this settled water to get inside the membrane of the roof and damage different parts of the roof system. The majority of flat roofs are designed with some kind of slope or pitch to avoid pooling, like tapered rigid insulation, but pooling may be inevitable at times. Furthermore, the ultraviolet rays from the sun can heat up your roof system and create gaps inside the membrane, which can lead to clogs in the drain. A roof that is inspected regularly can survive for a longer time because you will be able to notice any potential problem sooner.

Poor work

Low-quality installation and work is another problem that may affect the life of the roof system. Even though replacing a roof system can be very costly, the investment can be wasted if you do not seek the service of a professional roofing contractor who delivers high-quality work. Sadly, many companies prefer using cheaper materials to lower their budgets, and this is a huge loss for you as a property owner.

Despite the fact that roofing manufacturers offer warranty for purchased materials, the warranties may be nullified if the quality of work is poor. Sometimes, the shingles may blow off due to improper fastening and this consequently exposes the membranes to the elements. On the other hand, a lack of proper ventilation may be the problem.

 Leaking roofs

Although you may spot problems in different parts of the roof, many parts can be hard to repair, and if they are not repaired in the right manner, water issues can pose a huge challenge. So, if you schedule regular commercial roof inspections, you will save a lot of money with proper maintenance, instead of paying a lot of money for damage repairs and water cleanup. It is important to remember that stagnant water can strain your roofing system. In an advanced bitumen roofing system, if the installation of the proper materials is poorly done, leakages can occur.

Roof leaks take place on the exterior parts of the roof or inside the parapet walls, right where the edges are protected by the flashings of the roof membrane cover. If the flashing is improperly installed, damaged, or weakened due to storms or wind, the roof’s edges may be exposed, letting in water and moisture which will affect the roof system.

Penetrations include drains or pipes and they can affect the membrane of the roof. Also, roof penetrations can easily leak, and so you need to secure them well to protect the roofing system from water damage. Roof penetrations include vents, conduits, HVAC units, hot stacks, pipes, and gas lines. It is advisable that you monitor the roof penetrations to make sure they are watertight with field wraps, flashing, pipe boots, rain collars, or pitch pans.

Poor roof repairs

The roof may become seriously damaged if the materials are not installed well, or if the contractor used the wrong materials. When bad materials are used on the roof, repairing and patching the bad spots is not advisable, especially if you expect the roof to survive for a long time. Therefore, you will have to replace the entire roof system. This is a better option because you can use better materials and newer technology to manage weight and withstand strong wind. No matter how sturdy your roofing system is, if you do not inspect it regularly, it will definitely get damaged.

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