A-One Eco-Friendly Roofing Options

With everybody going ‘green’ these days, the roofing industry has been making great efforts to keep up with these trends. You can now choose from several different eco-friendly options when it comes to your roof. We offer many styles that are energy-efficient, long-lasting, affordable and good for the environment. Some of the top products you can choose from are discussed below.

  • Cool Roofing: These roofing systems are made from white or light-color materials to help reflect the sun’s rays away from your building. With less heat being transferred inside, your air conditioning costs will be lower. This is especially useful when you live in warmer climates because you can get a more comfortable indoor space. The less air conditioning you need, the less pollution you cause making this roofing system ideal for those looking to protect the ozone. You can achieve 75% cooler inside temperatures by combining a reflective roof with special coated granules in the roof tiles.
  • Metal Roofing: Typically these are made from recycled metals like steel, aluminum, copper and zinc, all of which are durable and recyclable. Compared to conventional shingles, metal roofing lasts almost 30 years longer which means it is unlikely that you will ever have to replace your roof. Metal roofing systems come in different colors, so you can choose lighter colors to get additional reflective benefits.
  • Wood Shake and Shingles: Natural wood materials are biodegradable and offer a classic look to buildings. Traditional versions are made from old-growth cedar which is becoming scarce, so newer shakes are made from sustainable forests. Often you can get shakes and shingles made from reclaimed wood that was once a bridge, water tank, or mill. The one downside to wood roofing is that they are a fire hazard so you need to treat with a fire-resistant coating. Some areas prohibit the use of wood shingles, but if you really want that natural look, you can get shake-like materials made from 80% post-industrial recycled rubber.
  • Clay and Slate Tiles: Natural clay and slate have been used in the roofing industry for centuries, mainly because of their durability and long life. Tiles are eco-friendly in that they are fire-resistant, rot-resistant, insect-resistant and maintenance-free. The biggest drawback is that they are heavy and they can break easily under force. You may require additional support for your roof if you go with tiles. They do come in an assortment of colors and styles to match whatever building style you want to achieve. They may be more expensive than other materials, but their longevity more than makes up for the initial first costs.


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