Multi-Family Building Roofing (a-one)
With the population rising every minute, multi-family housing has never been more prevalent; people are flocking to condos, apartments, row houses, and townhouses. As a property owner or property management firm, your responsibility is to ensure that the multi-family property meets the needs of your tenants or buyers. You can achieve this by ensuring that your multi-family property’s roof is of top quality and regularly maintained. Nothing upsets tenants more than a leaky and drafty roof or windows. Not only is a damaged roof a nuisance, but persistent roof leaks can result in serious damage of property, affect the value and aesthetic appearance of your structure, and compromise the overall structure of your property.

So whether you’re dealing with a leaky roof, missing shingles, dysfunctional gutters, or just need a replacement for your multi-family home’s roof, don’t wait to contact us. We’re the premier roofing company in California. Starting modestly as a simple roof installing company, we’ve been catapulted to the heights of the multi-family roofing domain, and we’re currently the most sought-after residential, commercial and multi-family construction company, specializing in roofing gutters and windows.

Multi-family roof repair

Have our inspection specialists uncovered a leak, a missing shingle, flashing, or other problems with your apartment roof? Let our commercial roofers handle all the necessary repairs at your condo, apartment or neighborhood may need. And regardless of your apartment roof; whether gable, hip, flat, butterfly, or jerkinhead, we have the skills and experience in handling your roof. We can handle just anything you throw at us. Our professional team will visit your home, inspect the leak or damage, and come up with a solution a quickly as possible.

Multi-family roof replacement

At times, the condition of your roof is beyond repair, and it makes sense to overhaul and replace the whole roofing structure. If you hire us, you can feel confident trusting our experts to perform the roof replacement. Whether it’s a single building or a complex edifice, we’ve thoroughly trained our team in every step of roof replacement to ensure all your roof replacement needs are met and we guarantee peace of mind from job site preparation to complete cleanup.

Multi-family roof inspection

You do not have to wait until your tenants start complaining about roof leaks or see scattered shingles after a storm. If you’re a property manager in CA, you can call us to conduct a roof inspection of your property at any time. This way, you can determine the structural integrity of your multi-family property’s roof.

Multi-family roof maintenance

If you think we only deal with roof repair, replacement, and inspection, you need to think again. We specialize in other roofing services including maintenance. Do not confuse roof repair and maintenance. Our roofing maintenance is about extending the life of your roof and saving you from costly repairs. Our roof maintenance service entails a thorough assessment of your roof, looking for existing problems while looking out for any common conditions that can afflict any roof type.  We also make recommendations on how to preserve the integrity of your roof. Do not wait until it’s too late, get in touch with our friendly customer care personnel today for all your multi-family property needs.


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