safety during roof repair

Slate roofs are heavy, beautiful, and can last longer than any other roofing material on the market. They are durable too but their heavy nature can cause serious damage to your house if your roof structure is not engineered according to the requirements of slate. Ensure that your house has a standard roof structure specially designed for a slate roof. You need to gather enough knowledge about what can cause damage to your roof and then to your entire house gradually. Accordingly, you can go for repairing methods. But since the installation method along with the handling of tiles is complicated, DIY (Do It Yourself) should be avoided. Rather, professionals have the experience of handling tiles while providing slate roof coverings to several houses.

Reasons to Hire a Professional Over Starting a DIY Project

Read below to know in detail about certain reasons for hiring a professional over beginning with a DIY roof repair project.

Liability and Insurance

Your home insurance will simply not cover the damages you made to your roof. Even if you go for your claim, your insurance company may start arguing that you were negligent when you went up to fix your roof by yourself. Knowing this now, you should avoid fixing your roof by yourself and call a professional for help. Professional roofers are less likely to make mistakes while repairing roofs including slate roofs. Reputable roofers will always have insurance that is reserved i.e. whenever any damage is made to your roof during the repairing process, the insurance will help.

Knowledge and Experience

You simply cannot have the knowledge and experience of repairing your slate roof by yourself. Even if you walk on asphalt shingle roofs, you cannot do the same on your slate roof because it is highly dangerous and you can unintentionally break the tiles. Professionals have a lot of experience and knowledge about the work they do which is to repair roofs including slate roofs. Since a slate roof is complicated, professionals need to use tools carefully for repairing it. But only they can.

Costs and Tools

You may think that running a DIY repairing project can save you a lot of money and you will not require many tools for a complete repairing process. You are completely wrong then. You will have to spend a lot of money, especially on tools because your homemade tools will not be enough for the entire repairing process. You will need several tools along with safety. Alongside, a lot of time will be consumed while undergoing a DIY process. Hiring a professional will always be cost-effective as they do not usually charge high. And even if they are charging an amount, it is good news that you getting insurance for your roof for free. Alongside, they always carry a set of tools that are mainly required for repairing roofs including slate roofs.


A DIY slate roof repairing project is very time-consuming as no experience and knowledge can be found in you. Moreover, you may damage your roof by yourself. Professionals, on the other hand, are very efficient and careful with their work on roofs and can ideally repair the damages in time. They do not usually take much time because of having lots of years’ experience and knowledge.

Hire a Professional For Slate Roofing 

Slate roof repairing is never left undone by professionals. They usually guarantee you the best service every time you take their help. Amidst this, they intend to become your good friend by helping you anytime you want in your life. They are fast with their hands and minds, and since slate roofs are complicated, they do everything carefully. If you need a quality slate roofing service for your home or property in Ireland, please contact our experienced team today!



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