As the climate continues to change globally, heat waves are becoming more frequent in the summer months. Increased air temperatures are becoming normal and this is increasing the risk for sunstroke and organ damage. You may think that staying indoors can protect you from the excessive heat, but in many cases, the inside of a building can get too hot. Without efficient cooling, inside temperatures can exceed those outside during heat waves.

How Cool Roofing Can Save You During Heat Waves?

A move towards cool roofing is becoming the way forward for energy efficiency and health protection. As heat eaves are predicted to continue and become more frequent by mid-century, cooler roofing is one option we have to consider. Reflective roofing can reduce the number of exposures to heatwaves on people of large cities such as San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego. It is estimated that cool roofing will lead to 35 million cases per year of heat exposure as compared to 80 million that can be caused without cool roofing.

Those that live in the city are more vulnerable to heatwave danger due to the urban heat island effect. Air temperatures are recorded to increase by several degrees in cities as compared to the surrounding vegetated areas. Built-up surfaces also absorb heat during the day and release it at night which keeps cities warmer through evening hours too. This phenomenon does not happen in natural and undeveloped areas with vast vegetation. When the body is not able to cool down at night, it never recovers from the high temperatures of the day negatively affecting human health.

Studies have been ongoing to predict future heatwaves and their duration. What has been discovered is that heat waves with air temperatures over 35 degrees Celcius that last three or more days are between two and ten times more frequent with these predictions. AS urban centers across the state become more populated, heatwave exposure is going to increase significantly.

Final thoughts

Cool roofing seems to be one of the best and most viable options to help reduce dangerous heat exposure in the future. Cool roofing consists of white colors or reflective materials that can reflect heat and light away from buildings. This not only keeps buildings cooler, but it reduces energy expenses for cooling. By installing cool roofing on all buildings in California, the number of heatwave exposures could be cut in half.

The climate has been changing and will continue to do so and it is important to be prepared. Studies show that the future is going to hold intense heat waves, with air temperatures at dangerous levels for human health. Installation of cool roofing is one way we can reduce this risk for human health. Start protecting your building and your health now by calling us to discuss the options you have for cool roofing.


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