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How To Design A Maintenance-Friendly Roof?


A building appearance “talks” a lot about the building and the effort that was made in designing it. As far as designing a good building is concerned, you can’t afford to ignore the roof considering that it’s, most of the times, what someone notices first when they take a look at a building. Other than designing a roof with its appearance in mind, you have to consider maintenance as well, as you don’t want to make the task almost impossible to accomplish. That’s why it’s important to consider the following tips if you want a maintenance-friendly roof:

How To Design A Maintenance-Friendly Roof?

  1. Consider maintenance from the get-go

You need to include the maintenance team in the design of the building from the start so that they get to decide what will work out best for them in the long run. Both the maintenance team and building manager will have to consider several factors such as maintenance intent, life expectation of the roof, potential damage if by any chance roof leakage occurs, and others. That way, it gets easier to determine the design that will work out fine for the building, hence avoid potential errors.

  1. Design a maintenance program

Designing a maintenance program early enough is an important part of building a maintenance-friendly home, as that enables the maintenance team to decide what they can achieve later. When designing your roof, always ensure that it’s in conjunction with the maintenance program, and if the two separate in any way, work on that separation now, not later.

  1. Consider drainage and water removal

Water is one of the most potentially damaging factors that can ruin your roof even before you get to know it. As such, you need to design the roof with good drainage in mind, as that allows for better maintenance of the roof.

  1. Rooftop access

A maintenance friendly roof must allow for ease of access to the top so that your maintenance team will find it easy to get to the top. It’s even advisable to include the necessary equipment to access the roof if need be. That may include things like permanent ladders, stairs, and a door, or quick ladder access. Of the three options, quick ladder access is the cheapest but the most inconvenient, and that is something that you must consider when choosing the best option for roof access. You don’t want to save cash but end up with an inconvenient method of roof access as that might cost you later.

  1. The best type of roof

When designing a maintenance-friendly roof, consider the type of roof since that will affect how easy it is to maintain the roof. You don’t want to consider a type that is hard to maintain as that might mean always postponing maintenance services as a result of different reasons.

Final thoughts

Choosing a maintenance-friendly roof is a thing that every building owner, manager, and maintenance team has to do, to make the building a worthy investment. Remember that a roof that is easier to maintain can save you a lot of cash in the long run, which you can then use for something else.



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