Your commercial roof is an investment so you want to get the most out of it. By taking a proactive, strategic approach to commercial roof preservation, you can extend the longevity of your commercial roof. Roofing maintenance needs to be a priority and being proactive is the best approach in roof maintenance.  A proactive approach in roof management will:

How to Get Long-Lasting Commercial Roof Reliability?

  • Extend the service life of existing roofs
  • Protect aging roofs
  • Retain warranty coverage
  • Establish a 5-10-year budget plan
  • Notice leaks that might be unseen for days, weeks, or months
  • Stop active leaks that affect building usage and occupant comfort

By following these guidelines you will be best prepared. This means the fate of your commercial roof is in your hands. It is nice to have the reassurance that your commercial roofs will not suddenly cost you unanticipated money and stress. The best way to achieve this peace of mind is by doing regular preventive maintenance.

Why Preventive Maintenance?

Preventive maintenance is the key to ensuring that your roof stays at a high-performing level. You can also catch deficiencies early to minimize future repair costs. It is essentially a checkup for your roof and it will extend its lifespan.  Doing preventive maintenance keeps you informed about what is happening on the roof. This way there will be no way that issues can suddenly sneak up on you that will put your building and organization in a vulnerable position. For example, a roof that is properly maintained will not get pooled water. This means leaks cannot develop and water cannot seep into the building. Leaks usually happen from an aging roof or when neglect leads to a poor roof condition. Roof replacements can take up to 60% of the entire building’s total replacement value to fix. Maintenance is required to maintain warranty coverage status. Without a regular maintenance program, you could lose your warranty and end up facing large costs to repair or replace the roof.

Time is of the Essence

Making a commitment to preventive roof maintenance will prevent unpleasant scenarios and serious roof damage. You can enjoy peace of mind that comes with long-lasting commercial roof reliability so long as you focus on it now rather than later. Preventative actions will prolong the life of a roof and allow you to clear up issues before they became more serious. Preventative actions keep your roof from entering the critical RCS stage in its life cycle. After crossing this threshold, the roof will degrade quickly and performance will be weakened. Ultimately the roof will stop working. Every roof is made differently so it will have its own life cycle. As soon as a roof reaches the midpoint of this cycle, degradation occurs much faster. This degradation occurs much faster in roofing that has not had regular care and maintenance.


The good news is that with preventive maintenance, a building owner has the power to slow down the time it takes to reach this accelerated degrading process. The effort is relatively inexpensive and easy compared to the aftermath of multiple leaks and the need for a roof replacement. It delivers the long term benefits that will be worth it.


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