set up drainage on the roof

If you own a commercial structure you must ensure that your roof is in good condition at all times. You cannot overlook this. The safety of others and your livelihood will depend on you properly maintaining your roofing area. There are many problems which impact flat roofs. One of the biggest has to do with drainage. As a commercial business owner, if you don’t want to deal with drainage problems there are a few things you need to know to help avoid such situations. 

Routinely Inspect your Gutters and Drainage System

Maintenance is necessary when it comes to buildings. If you own a property you already understand how essential it is for you to continuously inspect it. If not, you are going to have problems. When it comes to your roof, make sure the gutters are working properly. Your gutters are responsible for removing water away from your structure, so if your gutter system is not working properly, water will collect on top of your building. This, in turn, will disrupt the integrity of your roof. If this happens, a hole could form in the roof or you could start to experience water in the upper levels of your commercial structure. Your drainage system needs to be routinely inspected. Downspouts, scrupper drains, and pipes should be evaluated on a frequent basis. They should be inspected at least once every three months. However, if you’re experiencing a lot of inclement or bad weather, you might need to inspect them more often. If you don’t inspect your structure, you may end up paying a great deal to fix problems or you even end up having to close your business.

More Information about Internal Drains

Drains can easily get clogged. Also, modern rooftops are home to many different bird species and a few four-legged creatures. You might be aware that garbage and debris can clog up your drain pipes but in addition, these animals can put waste material and other unwanted substances in them as well. If your internal drain system is not working properly, your building will not get rid of water like it should.

You do not want a sagging flat roof that ponds in the middle. The joints on your flat roof can be compromised by heavy water. Keep this problem from happening and ensure that your building is functioning like it should. There are qualified inspectors who have the ability to evaluate your building’s drainage system to identify and repair any problem.

Don’t Neglect your Scruppers

Scruppers  are important to a building because they are an extra drainage layer for the outer part of a building. Scruppers have to be maintained as they are heavily relied upon to get rid of water, snow and other forms of moisture. If you don’t keep your scruppers properly maintained you will force the other parts of your drainage system to work too hard. Don’t neglect your scruppers because they are the support your roof needs to keep the water from drenching your edifice.

Remember that flat roofs can be easily maintained once you know what to do. Just make sure that you constantly check out your roof. It is the best way to avoid problems and to keep your building in operational condition. A qualified and reputable building inspector can help you to determine the integrity of your drainage system and offer their services if repairs are needed.


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