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Immigration Laws and the Roofing Industry in 2019

(A-One) Immigration Laws and the Roofing Industry in 2019

On the surface it may not seem that immigration laws and roofing would have a link, but when over half of the roofing workforce is of Hispanic origin, the link becomes clear. Currently, there is uncertainty regarding immigration policies which will impact labor and the roofing industry. The labor shortage for roofing companies is being experienced countrywide but there could be good news in the future.

Immigration Laws and the Roofing Industry in 2019

Recent attempts to change immigration laws could give the roofing industry much needed change. It is estimated that 20 percent of the recent loss in roofing business is a direct result of labor shortages. With current attempts to slow illegal immigration being successful, there continues to be a shortage of labor for trade industries. Sensible immigration reform would provide the best solution to these labor problems. If the labor shortage was to be corrected, the roofing industry would be able to recover from the recent losses in business. The roofing industry along with many trade professions has been hit so hard by current immigration laws so something needs to change. The government continues to argue between the need for additional workers and the demand for secure borders so there is uncertainty as to when reform will happen.


A-One Construction is hopeful for a positive immigration reform that will resolve the labor shortage challenges currently facing our industry. Recent developments to make roofing installation easier have been started and the industry is making efforts to increase the prestige of working in these trade professions in an attempt to help in the meantime. Despite these additional efforts being made to improve things, only immigration reforms will bring a real and lasting solution.


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