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Importance of Roofers’ Insurance

(A-One) Importance of Roofers' Insurance

When researching for the best roofing company for your domestic or commercial property, it is essential to ask about roofer’s insurance. It is important to deal with a company that has adequate insurance to protect against risks and disasters.

Importance of Roofers’ Insurance

  • Types of Insurance Options Available – The roofing job is dangerous, and there is a need for protection in the event of damage to your property or injury during the roofing repair job. Insurance against risks such as accidents and fires should be among your priorities.
  • General Liability Insurance – The general liability insurance will cover the contractor when there are claims against property damage, personal injury or bodily harm due to the roofer’s action. If an accident occurs and as result, there is a lawsuit, then the insurance will cover you and the roofing company for any claims payable. Therefore, as the property owner, you are not liable for any costs and are not responsible for anything that happens to your property that is not your fault.
  • Commercial Auto Insurance – This type of insurance is important for cars, vans, and trucks that are registered in your business name. You will be compensated should they suffer damage if they are in your property.
  • Workman’s Compensation Insurance – If an employee or a subcontract suffers an injury in the course of their duties under your projects, then they will be compensated against costs incurred and medical benefits. If your roofer or workers suffer injury, they can claim workmanship compensation as a substitute for their wages instead of filing a lawsuit against roofer or the property owner. While hiring a contractor to work on your roof, it is essential to set aside some money for both insurance policies.

The following Tips Will Help you in Choosing a Roofing Contractor

  • Do a simple background check –  The best roofing contractor is one who is experienced, licensed and insured. It is essential to do a background check before hiring a roofing contractor so that you can deal with roofer insurance who is credible and one of high integrity. Get references from previous customers. A reputable roofer will provide references from past satisfied customers. However, a roofing contractor of questionable character may not provide you with references and this may be an indicator they are not insured. Ensure they have general liability insurance and there is workmanship insurance before hiring them. By doing a background check of a contractor, you will be saving yourself the agony of doing business with businesses operating below expectation. An insured roofer will carry out the task with due diligence and will offer you the best price. Always contact the insurance company before signing up for the policy and verify their legitimacy.
  • Ensure your Roof Contractor is Licensed – Having someone work on your roof can be expensive. You might opt for a shortcut and hire a cheap contractor. However, it can even be costlier working with an unlicensed roofer. Chances are, a contractor who is not licensed is also not insured. Contractors with limited knowledge, expertise and training may not have the necessary skills, and you could be entrusting someone to do a poor job. It may lead to the cost of repairs. It can also lead to lawsuits, and you may find yourself on the wrong side of the law. You may end up paying fines as a result. The insurance company will demand licenses while signing up for roofer insurance. Therefore, you will not only be working with poor workmanship bit also be at risk of incurring more costs should your contractor, or the employees suffer an injury while on your property.
  • Get the Best QuotationA reputable roofer insurance company will provide the same quotes for their services. Their prices are reasonable and are similar to other reputable insurance companies. Research and compare quotes from other insurance companies.
  • Ask for Proof of Insurance – You need to request for insurance coverage of respective insurance company. This information should be made available to you upon request. If your contractor fails to provide the coverage, you may drop them and move to the next. Always consider roofers who are insured since if there are damages, you may be liable to cover the cost of the damages and any injuries that may occur during the job.

A long-term roofer is familiar with everything to do with the roofing system. The contract should have a deeper understanding of every component of the roofing system. It is essential to test their knowledge before hiring them, for the job. If the contract is well versed with the job, the chances are that they are insured and your property is not at risk. Contact us today; we have many years’ of experience, best customer service, and outstanding service delivery. Our agents will advise you on the best type of insurance product for your specific need.


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