Mountain View, California started as a stagecoach stop in Silicon Valley. Now it is one of the most popular places to live in the valley and both commercial and industrial business continues to grow. There is endless opportunity for growth in the industry sector and developments are springing up across the city. The economy of the surrounding Silicon technologies brings business and growth. It is important to have quality industrial buildings to present to these new developers and businessmen.

Industrial Roofing in Mountain View, CA

Industrial buildings depend on quality roofing to protect the inside equipment and business. The buildings are often very large which means the roofing needs to be large and sturdy and able to protect from any adverse weather conditions or stress. Most industrial roofing is flat or low sloping because this is easier to access for maintenance and also allows for the storage of heavy equipment such as HVAC.  Despite the fact that flat roofs are easier to install and maintain, it is still important to keep them regularly maintained. Low sloping roofs have a tendency to allow debris build-up which can cause clogs and damage, so be sure to inspect your industrial roof frequently to identify any potential damage. When it comes to industrial roofing, there are five main types typically used. Your choice will depend on budget, building size, and style as well as the local climate and weather conditions.

  • Built-Up Roofing: This roofing consists of multiple layers of material that are laminated together to form a protective and weatherproof system.
  • Modified bitumen: This roofing system is asphalt with added modifiers that make it plastic or rubber-like, which makes the material more durable and longer-lasting.
  • Metal roofing: Metal roofing is not the best when it comes to flat roofs, but is a great option of low sloping roof systems. Metal roofs are typically made from copper, steel or aluminum and add an attractive look to any building.
  • Single-ply roofing: This type is also known as TPO or PVC and is made of four elements; an adhesive, an insulation layer, flashing and a one-ply membrane which is usually made of rubber or plastic.
  • Spray foam: This material is typically sprayed on in liquid form and it makes a seamless, continuous protective layer around pipes, vents and other protruding pieces across the roof. Because of the large number of vents and pipes in industrial buildings, this type of roofing is very popular.

Why You Should Choose Us

We have one of the best systems in place when it comes to laying roofing and understand the importance of structure as well as aesthetics. We work only with the highest quality materials and tools and at the same time provide our clients with affordable pricing plans. We have experience with every type of industrial roofing system and are committed to our installation, customer service practices and follow up maintenance and repairs.

Final thoughts

We value the relationship we develop with our clients and always put safety first and every job is completed with as little disruption to business life as possible. Please reach out to us for any of your Mountain View industrial roofing needs and if you have any concerns, we will extend a no-cost inspection for you to evaluate the work you may need.


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