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Litigation Support

A-One Construction also provides litigation support services when leak detection is required during a forensic investigation. Leaks are an obsession of ours – water is our most prominent foe in keeping your buildings safe and beautiful. Our systematic and well-documented processes of support involve the latest in calibrated water-testing equipment. Our professionalism has earned us the trust of homeowner associations, multi-family property owners and forensic experts from firms all over the Bay Area.

Our Litigation Support services also include: Destructive Testing, Cost of Repair Estimating, Sufficiency Analysis Study, Emergency Repairs, Maintenance Repair, and Water Testing.


Destructive Testing

Destructive Testing describes the process of intentional investigation necessary to understand:

  • How various building components are assembled, and
  • The potential and extent of underlying substrate damage that may have compromised building integrity

Our personnel works in conjunction with forensic investigators to strategically dissemble building components in a very efficient and focused manner in order to gain an understanding of failure mechanisms, to quantify the likely extent of damage and decay, and to develop an appropriate methodology for cost-effective repairs.

Destructive testing teams represent some of our most talented personnel. Testing must be conducted efficiently with a particular emphasis on very selective and careful demolition and rapid restoration of finishes in both interior and exterior areas. What paramount is that the team thoroughly understands the requirements for the temporary protection of finishes that are not to be disturbed and ensure that they clean up upon work completion.

Our goal is that affected occupants be unable to detect that our crews were ever on site — and we consistently satisfy this goal.