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Having a reliable office roofing system is of utmost importance. It ensures that your infrastructure remains strong through the years and you encounter no significant problems later on. After all, without a good office roof in place, it can bring on water leaks, spills, and even increased risk to people.

Because of this, choosing the right material for your roof is imperative. However, with various types of commercial office roofing systems available on the market today, this can be quite challenging for office owners like you.

When it comes to hiring office roofing contractors, you need to look for trained professionals who can do roofing for strip malls, shopping centers, restaurants, office buildings, and other commercial buildings. Whether it’s one leak or multiple ones, you need to take care of them early to prevent significant damage. Roofing specialists ensure you come up with a plan that suits your budget.

At A-One, we’ll provide insight into what these systems are so that you can know what to pick. We want to empower you to choose the right roof material for your need as we break down these different kinds.

Remember water infiltration can be tricky if it occurs in an office setting. For instance, moisture trapped behind insulation and walls can result in a dangerous situation for office workers as well as cause expensive repairs. Water dripping from the ceiling can result in spills or falls, therefore, increasing your insurance rates. The best way is to hire office roofers who will ensure your office electronics and tenants are safe. Another tip is to make sure they use the best materials. 

Office buildings use several types of architecture. Each of the elements comes with its advantages and disadvantages. These materials include:

  • Metal Roofing – It may not be ideal for flat roofs, but it’s the best for low-slope roofs. It’s generally of copper, steel or aluminum and is durable. Depending on the design of your roof, you should ask your roofer about this option.
  • Single Ply Roofing – These roofing membranes or PVC/TPO consist of four elements. They are the adhesive, insulation layer, flashing, and the membrane made of rubber or plastic. 
  • Tile Roofing – Ceramic, concrete, slate, and terracotta tiles are durable and ensure your roof looks elegant. They are the best option for large homes. 
  • Asphalt Shingles – It’s the typical roofing material used in the United States since they are affordable. 
  • Spray Foam – Spray foam gets applied as a liquid. It forms a smooth, continuous, and protective barrier around pipes, vents, and other protrusions throughout your roof. This foam prevents leakage on your roof.
  • Modified Bitumen – It’s asphalt that has modifiers added on top. This provides a rubber or plastic-like property, making it durable. 
  • Built-Up Roofing – It consists of several layers of material that have been laminated together. 
  • Shake -Wood shakes or (cedar shingles/cedar shake) can be made from any wood. They give your roof a classic and natural look with plenty of charm and character.

What A-One Construction Can Do for You

A-One is an industry leader that specializes in building and reconstructing roofing systems for commercial and multi-family needs. We aim to help achieve beautification and improvement efforts throughout Northern California with our team of professionals.

Using the latest tools and technology in the field, as well as being equipped with ample knowledge and training in construction and the various roofing systems, our company is more than adept at dealing with various roofing concerns.

Different Types of Roofing Systems 

Single Ply Roofing


This type of roofing system makes use of different materials such as PVC, TPO,  and even EPDM. Given its use of materials, it is characterized by its thermoplastic or thermoset membranes, meaning these are either made out of plastic or rubber.

Besides this, single-ply roofing is likewise deemed flexible and durable. Thanks to its crack and peel-resistant qualities, it has the ability to weather different elements and climates.

As its name implies, this is designed to be applied within a single layer, making it a cost-efficient choice. They last over time and are either quite reflective or retentive, aiding with your energy costs as well.

Tile Roofing

For offices that are based in larger homes or establishments, especially sloped designs, you normally find tile roofs. These are either made out of concrete, slate, terracotta, or ceramic tiles and are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles.

This type of roofing can last for around 100 years or more with proper care and maintenance, complementing its hardiness and durability. It is not prone to rotting or insect damage, but it can still deteriorate over time due to certain weather conditions that have a heavy impact.

Metal Roofing

Why You Should Choose Metal Roofing

One of the oldest and perhaps most popular roofing systems on the market are metal roofs. These can be made from aluminum, steel, copper, or even tin. These make for a lightweight yet durable option that works best for sloped roofs.

Apart from the variety of metal roofs available, you’ll have no shortage of color options, allowing this to work with just about any aesthetic. Despite its light build, metal roofing is generally stable and they can withstand harsh winds, letting these last for a longer period of time.

The materials themselves are fire-resistant. This makes your roof less prone to catching fire or starting one in the first place, perfect for when your office or business is handling a lot of flammable material.


Shakes or wooden shingle roofing are more commonly found in residential roofing, but these may also be used for commercial roofs that have steep slopes. These come from wooden logs that have been hand split from logs, creating a shaking pattern when put on the roof, hence the name.

Shakes can come in different wooden materials, such as cedar wood, but they can also be made from any type of wood. These lend a rustic and warm appearance to any establishment. What’s more, it’s worth mentioning that shakes are likewise energy efficient.

Today, however, there are more companies that replicate the look of wooden shakes to make these more durable and to prevent wear and tear from taking a toll on traditional shakes.

Modified Bitumen

You get the best of both worlds when it comes to employing modified bitumen for your roofing needs. Combining asphalt with either polymerized rubber or plastic, this gives a strong and flexible roof that’s also waterproof at the same time.

This type of roofing system is one of the most flexible ones that you can find and they work well across varying temperatures, making them ideal for places where seasons change. Often, this roofing material is given a premium when it comes to its warranty since it boasts excellent sealing capabilities and a thick structure.

Built-Up Roofing

Several layers of material make up built-up roofing systems, going anywhere from three to five layers depending on the structure. These materials are laminated together to ensure protection and strength against the elements, particularly in different changing weather and climate conditions.

Built-up roofing is one of the oldest roofing systems in the whole world and it continues to prove it’s worth well until today. Its lamination and stacking technique are highly revered as it prevents leaks and prolongs the overall health of your roof.

Spray Foam

Otherwise known as liquid-applied roofing, spray foam roofs get their name from their method of application. This is essentially sprayed on the roof in separate batches or coatings to provide your roof with the highest form of waterproofing solutions.

Made from a type of plastic, this expands as it dries and becomes solid in just a few seconds, creating a solid layer across your roof. The main advantage of spray foam material is that it can reach into the tightest of spaces, ensuring you won’t encounter leaks.

Asphalt Shingles

How To Pick The Right Color Roof ShinglesAnother common office roof material used by people is asphalt shingles and for good reason. Apart from being cost-effective, these also last for at least a decade or more with proper care and maintenance.

Final Thoughts

Deciding what to choose between the varied range of roofing materials available can be quite challenging. With the help of our professional roofing contractors here at A-One, we can guide you when selecting a roofing system that’s best for your office and commercial needs.

We are experts in designing and maintaining all types of roofing systems, from offices to commercial buildings and everything in between. Give our company a call today and we can find a solution that addresses your concerns.



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