window replacementAny building owner knows that maintaining a building can be a complicated job, from doing all maintenance to monitoring every aspect of the place to ensure that everything is in great working order. Some things are easier to address than others, so if you are an owner, you should make it a point to check everything.

One of the often-neglected parts of the building is window trims. These seem to be permanently installed fixtures that serve a decorative purpose and can take a beating. What you should know is that it has a dual function and it definitely needs maintenance.

If you notice any issues with your interior window trim, you should consider replacing it to restore the full function of your windows. Not sure how to proceed? Here’s what you need to know.

What are Window Trims?

Before diving into this project, the first thing you should know is what window trims are. These parts of your windows are often referred to as casings. So, when you hear someone talking about window casings, they are talking about trims.

So, what exactly are window trims? Take a look at your window. You will see it framed by a fixture, usually made of wood including the crown and sill. What you need to understand is that these two are parts of the trim.

Aside from the crown and sill, the trim is also made up of the top corner, side casing, bottom corner, top, and miter.

What Do Window Trims Do?

With many visual elements, window trims are bound to have a decorative function. However, that is not all there is to it. Another purpose intends to do is to insulate your window.

Remember, your window pane cannot simply sit in a hole in the wall. It needs to have things holding it down and sealing the gaps that are naturally left between the pane and the wall. Your window trim is intended to cover them.

With a fully functioning trim, you can define your window’s style and make it efficient, so you can keep cold air out and warm air in during freezing weather, or keep cool air from escaping during hot weather.

When Is It Time to Replace Your Interior Window Trim?

If you want to keep your windows working as intended, you should take the time to determine whether it is time to replace your interior window trim or not.

The most tell-tale sign that your trims are due for a replacement manifest physically. So, if you see any physical damage on your trims, then you should consider a replacement.

Another thing to watch out for are gaps that open the insides of your building to the elements. If you feel cold air seeping from the sides of your windows, then it is maybe time for a replacement.

Steps to Replace Interior Window Trim

Once you inspect your interior window trim and you decide that the best way to go is to replace it, you should take a look at the following steps.

Gather all the Tools and Materials

Before you jump into the project, the first thing to do is to make sure you have everything you need to complete it.

What you need are replacement casings, medium-density fiberboards, rosette corner blocks, a miter saw or box, measuring tape, level, hammer, nails, caulk, and paint.

Remove the Damaged Trim

Once you have gathered all the tools and materials for this project, the next step is to make way for the new trim, which is why you need to remove the old one completely. Keep in mind that there are fixed in place either by glue or nail, so this may not be easy.

You should also remember that it will have caulking for insulation, so be ready with a knife. Then, slowly pry off the trim using a pry bar. You can easily do this by starting with an edge piece before moving on to other parts. Use your hammer to remove any remaining nails.

Measure Twice, Cut Once

So, you have a pre-built trim you want to install, but this may not be in the right size. Your next step is to measure your windows, so you can cut your new trim to the exact size. You only have one chance to cut it properly, so make sure to measure twice before cutting.

There are cases in will not have to replace the entire trim, so take care to measure only the part you need to replace.

Attach the New Pieces

Once you have the right size of trim, you just need to fix the new component where it should be. This can be easy or difficult, depending on how you choose to attach the fixture. You can use glue to do so, which can take some time for curing or you can use nails, which can take some effort.

Caulk the Gaps

After setting the new piece, you now have something resembling your original window. However, this is not yet done because you still need to seal any gaps. This is why you have your caulk. You can apply this sealant manually or you can use an applicator for your convenience.

Just make sure that you seal every inch of gaps you can see. Take care not to make a mess because once this cures, it can be difficult to remove.

Finish with Paint

Now that you have everything in place, you just need to paint your new trim in any color that you prefer. It would be best to use a color similar to your existing ones to maintain uniformity. Make sure to prep the material before painting to make sure that the coating sticks.

The Bottom Line

Your windows have a lot to offer, and you should always take some time to take care of them. If you need to replace your interior window trim, you just need to follow these steps. Better yet, you can call us and we will help!


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