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We have been servicing the roofing needs of our California customers for years and are dedicated to finding the right solution for your roof. Whether you need a conventional built-up or sloping roof, PVC or TPO, industrial, residential or office roofing, we have the resources and highest quality materials for your projects.

Our team delivers construction repairs, both interior and exterior to make sure your roof is reliable and safe for building occupants. We provide waterproofing services, painting and check walls, landings and stairs to ensure the entire system is ready and safe for use.

We have a dedicated and highly skilled workforce trained with repairs and maintenance for any roof at any time. After a full inspection, we will find the problems and rectify any situations to provide you with a safe and efficient roofing system. In addition, we offer hauling and disposal services as well as water testing, concrete repairs and weekly or monthly services depending on your needs.

Even though California is a sunny state, it is no stranger to rainstorms and we can prep your roof to weather any rainfall. We can install waterproofing systems for any building type and also offer repairs to any damaged parts including but not limited to decks, walls, stairs, and balconies.

We understand that sometimes things can go wrong and we are prepared to help you with any legal issues that may arise. We odder water testing, emergency maintenance and destructive testing. We will also provide you with an estimated cost of repairs and offer solutions to best suit your needs moving forward.

Outside of the regular roofing installation, repairs and replacement we offer specialty services including maintenance programs, water testing, and leak detection services. We want to make sure your roof is reliable, durable and adds value to your building.