What Christmas Decor is Not Safe for Roofs?

With Christmas spirit rushing through your streets you must be looking for ways to step up your décor game from your neighbors without causing any damages to your rooftop. You must be wondering what type of Christmas décor is best suitable for your rooftops and adds charm at the same time. To help make it [...]

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Metal Roofing: The Way Forward

Metal roofing has long been used for its durability, fire-resistant qualities, and long life spans. In addition to this, metal roofing now has more versatility than ever before, making it the material that inspires architects and roofing designers. Contractors cannot wait to work on projects with metal roofing. Metal roofing is now the go-to resource [...]

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If a Wildfire Comes Near Your Property…

Wildfires spread quickly. The sun’s heat or any small spark can start a fire that quickly burns through neighborhoods. With the recent dry weather, much of the brush that surrounds housing is dried out and is easily set alight. Large areas of trees and brush are fuel for a fire and sadly, there are commercial [...]

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Types of Drains for Flat Roofing

In reality, flat roofing is not entirely flat. There is always a slight slope towards the drain. Gravity allows the drainage system to work, so the water needs to have a natural flow away from the roof. Despite this, common drainage problems can occur associated with flat roofing. Types of Drains for Flat Roofing Foundation [...]

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Let Us Help You to Waterproof Your Roof

The best way to protect your roof and building structure from water damage is with waterproofing systems. Waterproofing is a great way to keep the elements out and will also save on energy. A properly sealed building enhances the longevity of the building inside and out and saves on utilities because air will not have [...]

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Checking Your Roof Drainage Before it Becomes an Issue

Even if you live where it doesn’t rain much, any rainfall can cause serious damage to your commercial roofing. Water weakens the roof and can cause pooling and leaks that lead to expensive damage and repairs. If any water reaches below the roofing surface, you could be looking at structural damage too. The best way [...]

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How To Design A Maintenance-Friendly Roof?

A building appearance “talks” a lot about the building and the effort that was made in designing it. As far as designing a good building is concerned, you can’t afford to ignore the roof considering that it’s, most of the times, what someone notices first when they take a look at a building. Other than [...]

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How To Get Your Commercial Roof Ready for The Rain?

Winter and damp weather can damage your commercial roofing and the damage can be even worse if there are already existing cracks present. Repairs should be done immediately after any damage occurs to avoid costly replacement after rain or snow. Failing to get the roof fixed before cold or wet weather arrives will only cost [...]

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