When it comes to construction projects, chances are you will hire a general contractor. But why do this when subcontractors are the ones doing the work? Many people wonder if they can just hire subcontractors themselves. But organizing and managing these large construction projects is a challenge and requires experience. There are a lot of moving parts which is why having a general contractor is essential to getting your project completed safely and effectively. There are several advantages to using a general contractor.

The Benefits of Using a General Contractor

Established Relationships

General contractors will have established relationships with subcontractors, using workers they know have the right experience and skills for any particular job. Subcontractors and suppliers will be more responsive with general contractors because they have the experience of working with them previously. A general contractor that has the best reputation and payment terms will bring in the best subcontractors. It is important to note that contractors willing to bid on self-managed work may be second-tier workers which can affect the quality of your project. General contractors can also get perks from building inspectors, as a result of previous working relationships and trust.

Efficient and Reliable Work

Multiple subcontractors are required for construction projects and even if you find some reliable workers, managing them can be a different challenge. It takes experience to coordinate all the components of construction jobs but general contractors do this every day. They know how to get the job done efficiently and as quickly as possible.

Construction Knowledge

General contractors will have knowledge of permits, building codes, materials, equipment, and methods of work that you will not. While you can research these, a general contractor works with these daily and is very familiar with what is needed. They can work with the building inspectors quickly and have knowledge as to what the inspectors will be looking for. Even if you review all the work a contractor does, you will not have the trained eye of a general contractor. This helps prevent delays and re-building which can be costly.

Project Risks

General contractors have the correct insurance and licensing which means they will assume the risks of any project so you don’t have to. The protection they carry covers workers in the event there are any accidents and protects owners from any liabilities if any subcontractors do not get paid.

Pricing Benefits

As a result of working relationships and experience, general contractors will get better pricing for materials and labor. For you, this means you can get higher quality work and products at a lower price. General contractors typically buy in bulk which cuts costs and subcontractors will work for lower rates with a general contractor they know.

Quality Guarantee

General contractors will always guarantee their work as they stand by their reputation. Their goal is to get future work so quality is important to them which provides peace of mind to building owners.


Working with a general contractor will ensure you get high-quality work at a good price. You also get peace of mind knowing the project will be handled professionally and efficiently. With all the moving parts, it is best to leave it to an experienced general contractor. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the final result.

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