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The Enemies Of Commercial Roofing


Just like residential roofing, commercial roofing can be easily damaged by the numerous elements that it is exposed to. The weather can weaken your roof which puts your building at risk. It is important to maintain your commercial roofing in order to prevent expensive damage and problems. Regular inspections and routine maintenance can help you spot damage before it is too late. It also helps to know what can potentially cause damage to your roof so you can be prepared.

The Enemies Of Commercial Roofing

Neglect and weather can damage your roof over time, significantly reducing its lifespan. You cannot control the weather but you can ensure you prepare your roof and regularly inspect it for damage. Understanding what can potentially damage your roof can help you be prepared and take necessary precautions to prevent these elements from destroying your roof and your investment.

  • Heat: Prolonged exposure to extreme heat and sun can cause more damage to your roof than any other factor. The heat causes expansion and contraction which stresses the seams and fasteners in your roofing. This weakens the structure of the and causes damage. If your roof has asphalt to help with waterproofing, the heat can dry this out, reducing its protection and increasing your risk for water damage.
  • Wind: High winds and storms can damage the roof. Not only can heavy winds throw objects like trees or heavy debris against the roof causing denting, cracks, and tears, but winds can rip roofing materials away. This leaves your roofing membrane exposed which is an increased risk of more serious damage.
  • Rain: Rain can cost you a lot of money, if you have not installed waterproofing and if you are not regularly performing inspections. Pooled water ages your roof quickly and causes deterioration. Water can seep through any deteriorated seams causing structural damage and internal leaks. Debris is common with rain which can collect in the drains and gutters causing clogs, Any clogs prevent water from flowing away from the roof and rainwater can pool on the surface.


You need to know these top commercial roofing enemies. You also need to know that they can easily be dealt with. Depending on the climate in your area, prepare your roof ahead of time. Invest in waterproofing for wet areas and sun protection where it is very sunny. With prevention and routine maintenance, you can keep your roof safe and prolong its life and value.


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