A specialty that involves the experienced installation of sheet and liquid membranes, waterproofing is intended to be durable enough to last the anticipated life of a building.

Premature waterproofing failures lead to catastrophic building damage and expensive and intrusive repairs that can impact building occupancy. Typically, they occur in elevated entrance walkways, private balconies, and parking garages. Failures of waterproofing relating to elevated walkways can be particularly problematic because of disruption to residential unit access.

Our teams are attuned to the critical details necessary for a permanent and reliable installation. By efficiently sequencing the repair work required, we minimize downtime and disruption to building occupants. Our crews work carefully with our sheet metal teams to make sure that the interface between waterproofing and sheet metal flashing is seamless.

Our Waterproofing Services include: Podium Slab Repairs, Planter Repairs, Deck to Wall Repairs, Balcony Repairs, Stairs & Landing Repairs, Parking Garage Repairs, and Playground Repairs.

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