With Christmas spirit rushing through your streets you must be looking for ways to step up your décor game from your neighbors without causing any damages to your rooftop. You must be wondering what type of Christmas décor is best suitable for your rooftops and adds charm at the same time. To help make it easier for you to sort through we will be discussing “décor that is not safe for the roofs” so you know what type of décor to discard from your list.

What Christmas Decor is Not Safe for Roofs?

As much as the full-sized Santa’s sleigh looks appealing, we wouldn’t recommend it as most of the houses may not be able to resist its enormous weight. This is due to the fact that some roofs may lack proper load-bearing structures and as a result cause damage to the roof. The indentation caused may not be visible at the time but later when it is time to remove all the Christmas décor you may notice that it is time to pay for a new roof. Another famously used décor idea is that of Santa’s legs hanging in the air out of the chimney. While this décor is crafty, it can also cause significant harm to the roof. The chimney is a very sensitive place; even the slightest ember may result in a disastrous fire. However, an artificial chimney can be made out of PVC, and Santa’s legs attached to it can create the same effect which is a lot safer. While avoiding the chimneys make sure your décor does not linger around air vents or the electrical wires as both these can cause detrimental effects to the roof.

Inflatable decorations and the light-up figures are some of the most basic Christmas décor items in the market. At the same time, they are ones that can cause maximum damage to your roof as well if you are not careful enough. Strong winds may cause them to fly away, tearing up the roofs. Securing them is key but securing them with the right materials is much more critical. Avoid the use of a staple gun as well as sandbags to hold down your Christmas lights as they may damage the roof and the sidings due to their heavyweight, and they are extremely heavy to drag up to the roof. Nailing these decorations to the roof is not a good idea either as it may destroy the shingles which already have been wearing out due to the harsh winter temperatures. Rather, tying them would be a good idea.

Final thoughts

Hanging fairy lights is another décor tradition common in the Christmas season but this Christmas season also entails snowfall, and in that case, we would not recommend you to put these lights up as it may result in a short circuit and cause a fire. Moreover, if you have a roof with a steep slope, we would advise against decorating them. To be able to decorate a roof make sure it is less than 45 degrees. It is imperative to be careful with the Christmas décor, and if you are new, we advise you not to try anything that may cause a risk. But we do recommend you to ask a professional help you set up your house for Christmas.


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