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What Should You Know Before Replacing Your Roof?

What You Should Know Before Replacing Your RoofReplacing your roof is an investment so you need to think before jumping in. You have a number of options, so need to research all possibilities to get the best service according to your budget. Every roof is susceptible to everyday wear and tear and changing seasonal weather can also take its toll. Before you replace your roof, there are some key tips to remember:

What Should You Know Before Replacing Your Roof?

  • Re-roofing: Many decide to re-roof over existing roofing rather than replacing it completely as this is often cheaper. However, this can actually cause you more problems as heat can build up between the old and new materials, creating moisture build up and serious damage.
  • Measurements: Overspending on materials is a big problem with roofing. You need to make sure you only buy what you need so you need measurements so you can accurately buy within your budget. Once you know accurate measurements you can decide on the material you want and buy only what you need.
  • Ventilation: You need to have proper ventilation if you want your roof to last. Installing good ventilation can save you from having to do expensive replacements. Ventilation regulates temperatures keeping the roof cool in the summer and preventing moisture in the winter. Look into ventilation options available so you can help your roof last longer.
  • Materials: There are wood and sealant under rubber membranes and a top material that makes up your roof. Only replacing the top layers may not solve the problem. If the underlying materials are weakened, the new top materials will be a waste as damage can still happen from below.
  • Reputation: You need to make sure you work with an experienced and professional roofer. Do some research before hiring because there are many to choose from. A good roofer will inspect the property and provide an estimate first, so avoid anyone that charges for these right away. Checking reviews from previously satisfied customers is also a good way to find a good roofer.

Do some thinking before investing in an expensive roof replacement. Contact a licensed roofer to inspect your property and they can advise if you need repairs or replacement. We provide free estimates and suggestions to fit every problem and every budget. Call us today to make an appointment.

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