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What To Look for In Your Roofing Estimate?

(A-One) What To Look for In Your Roofing Estimate

Roofing estimates are not contracts and do not lock you into any deals with a contractor. These estimates are usually different and not universal in any way, which can be confusing. Some of them lack important information and others hide details that you need to know. Understanding what a roofing estimate should include will help you to make an informed decision.

What to Look for in Your Roofing Estimate?

To choose a reliable commercial roofing contractor and avoid any financial upset or budgetary issues, your roofing bid or estimate should have the following items:

  • Costs: Estimates need to spell out the projected overall cost of the job as well as give a breakdown of all expenses like materials, labor, and permits. There are some contractors that will omit some costs out so they can give you a low estimate and win your business. These unmentioned costs find their way onto the final bill and you end up going over your budget. If the estimate is inconsistent with the contract, then your prospective roofer has either made a mistake or tried taking you for a ride.
  • Products: Whether the project involves repairs, replacement, or new installation, the estimate should specifically say which materials will be used. It should also say what types of warranties will be included by the roofer.
  • Responsibilities: Your estimate should give you an idea about the services for which you’re going to pay. Many contractors will automatically add the fees for cleanup and debris disposal into the equation too. Manage your expectations when it comes to possible extra charges, as many roofers will charge extra for additional requests.
  • Start and Completion Dates: Bids are chiefly used for budgeting, but they can be helpful in scheduling, too. A good estimate will provide realistic roof replacement and repair project timelines, assuming there are no unexpected surprises during work.
  • Payment Terms: A reliable estimate explains how much the project will cost and how you can pay the bill. The contract will provide a more in-depth explanation, but the estimate should offer at least a brief description of how the proposed payment term works.

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