Commercial buildings are typically designed to house businesses so practicality is the most important feature. This means that many can seem dark and dingy on the inside. Lighting is not natural so even with a lot, commercial buildings often lack natural brightness. This has led to a rise in popularity for commercial skylights. Whether your building is for retail or industrial needs, some natural light can make a real difference. Before you jump into the installation, there are some important things to know first. Plus, you want to get the best commercial skylight, and we are here to help.

What Do You Need to Know About A Skylight For Your Commercial Building?

What Are The Benefits From Skylights?

Skylights bring in natural light which improves the inside environment. For retail establishments, this can entice customers to stay longer. It also creates a more pleasant environment for workers. Natural light makes a room look bigger and airier, which makes people naturally happier. Studies have found that staff is more productive when there is natural light present, as a result of a better mood. By using the sun to light up your business, you can also save on energy bills. Running electrical lighting for a large commercial space can be costly, but skylights will help you save.

Consider This Before You Install A Commercial Skylight

As great as those benefits sound, there are five important things to consider before you install a skylight.

Energy Efficiency

You get an improved mood with natural lighting, but proper installation is necessary. Without proper placement, or with poor materials, your energy costs can actually go up. Research the energy efficiency of different windows before deciding which to get for your skylight. Remember that tinted glass is best for reducing heat intake.

Sun Placement

The travel path of the sun is important. You need to know where the sun will be during the day to efficiently place your skylight. If you are under the midday sun every day, this is going to make the inside way too warm. You also do not want the sun blocked all day by obstacles such as trees or other buildings.


Most commercial buildings have high ceilings, and this makes ventilation a consideration. A skylight is best for high ceilings so long as there is efficient climate control. If you have an air conditioner, you will not need to ventilate the building using the skylight. If your skylight is going to be used as the source of ventilation, you need to make sure it can be accessed for this purpose.


The classic skylight has a flat glass window, but this is not ideal for commercial buildings. Flat windows are the perfect collection place for debris and leaves. This blocks any light from coming in. If you have easy access to the roof and can maintain it often, then you can just clean the window as needed. If access is limited, you will want minimal maintenance, such as with a domed window.


Skylights have seals like chimneys and so are prone to leaks. The flashing and seals can deteriorate and flat commercial roofing is prone to water pooling. Make sure you have proper drainage to avoid water collecting around the skylight.


If a skylight is a way forward for your commercial building, your next step is to call an expert. There is a lot to consider and many options to choose from. Reach out to us today and we will help you find and install the best skylight to brighten your business.


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